Beijing Festivals

Who doesn’t love a state fair? I know I love any excuse to be outside surrounded by happy people! After all, if you’re miserable at a fair you really ought to just go home. What does this have to do with China? Picture a state fair, only bigger, MUCH bigger. A fair celebrated in every state and city of America for 15 consecutive days. I suppose on a much smaller level I can compare it to the 4th of July, only that does not provide you with a mental image of the radiance that the spring festival encompasses.  Families, friends, loved ones celebrate the New Year on a grandiose level.  Lanterns and banners hung on every light pole lining the streets, trees with ribbons of colorful lights twinkle throughout towns, red and gold hung on every windowand door no matter the socioeconomic status of the dwellers.

The festivals are filled with foods, prizes, games, entertainment and colorful decorations.  I know this all sounds like a typical fair, but I assure you I didn’t fly half way around the world to go to a fair. It’s Christmas, 4th of July and New Year’s Eve bundled into 15 electrifying days.

The parks and temples of Beijing are alive with the vibrant celebration of the Spring Festival.  Ditan (Temple of Earth), Tiantan (Temple of Heaven) and Bahai Park echo the joyous hopes of a prosperous new year.


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