June’s Happenings at Passions Photography

Happy June! Summer is finally here, and it has brought along with it many changes for Passions Photography. First off, we’ve said goodbye to Madi, who will be embarking on 3 mission trips this summer before heading to Kansas University where she will study photography and media studies. We’ve also said hello to Sarah, who is helping out in the office before starting her senior year at William Fremd High School. 2 new photograph editors have also been recruited to help with the final editing processes (I’m still working on the initial editing processes). Cyndi, our graphic designer, is also still going strong on designing your children, birthday, event and wedding albums.


With all the beautiful weather in June, it’s the perfect time for family photographs- whether that be children photographs, family portraits, generational photographs, or extended family photographs. If you have an upcoming barbeque or party where grandma and grandpa will be around, that is a perfect time to schedule those much desired family portraits! Sessions are $250 and you have a $75 credit to go toward prints and/or digital negatives.

Michael-2-EditKhan Kids-1435

Rainbow kids-8780Referrals are the highest form of a compliment, and I thank all of you for the compliments! Don’t forget that you receive Passions credit for the referrals that you make.

For any wedding referral that books, you get $100 of credit;$50 of credit for any newborn/ pregnancy session; and $25 for any new client.

That’s all for now! I hope see you soon and to be a part of your happy, safe, and fun-filled summer! =)

Blessings and smiles!


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